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Basic Membership Priority Service

Guaranteed service within 36 hours. 5% off repairs. Plus $70.00 diagnostic charge. Tune up and safety check for $59.95.


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Premium Membership Priority Plus Service

Guaranteed service within 24 hours. 2-Precision Tune-up on cooling and heating system. 15% off repairs. $35.00 diagnostic charge.


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Ultimate Membership Royal Service

Guaranteed same day service. 2 - Precision Tune-up on cooling and heating system. FREE Diagnosis. 20% off repairs and 5% off new system.


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All of our repair costs listed below.
With memberships you get discounts off of these repairs.

Price: $190 per item.

Cleaning of systems: (without removal of coil). -Outdoor Coil Cleaning

Check Refrigerant Charge: R-22 Market Price – 410A Market Price.

Gas Furnace: Non-Adjustable Limit Switches – Door Switch – Furnace Traps – Flame Sensor – Flame Sensor Cleaning – HSI – Pressure Switches – Relays – Thermo. Coupler – Roll Out Switches – High Limit Switch – Spark Ignitor – Control Fuse – Drain Cleaning & Repairs –  Basic UV Replacement Bulbs/Control Transformers – Basic Digital – T-Stat – Breaker Replacement – 15 Amp Switch/20Amp Switch – Flue Cleaning – Flue Repair (Not Chimney Repair) – Humidistats – Freeze Stats – Humidifier Sol Valves

Air Conditioning: Contactor – Capacitors – Disconnect – Wire From Disconnect to A/C – Time Delay – Start Kit – Hard Start Kit

Heat Pump: Contactor – Capacitor – Time Delay – Start Kit – Basic Prog. T-Stat Pro 4000

Oil Furnace: Oil Nozzles/Oil Cartridge – Electrodes – Cad Cell – In Line Shut Off Valve – Repair Oil Leak in Oil Supply Lines/Return Oil Lines – Flare Nuts (Up to 4) – Clear Oil Lines – Oil Treatment – Efficiency Test – Strainer – Barometric Damper – Oil Furnace Cleaning.

Air Handlers: Blower Motor Capacitor, Transformer



Price: $350 per item.


Gas Furnace: Adjustable Limit Switches – Rewiring Furnace – Repair Gas Supply Line – Gas Shut-off valve – Gas Line Regulator – Control Transformer

Oil Furnace: Pump Coupling – Primary Control – Fan Center – Nozzle Assembly – Oil Check Valve – Ignition Transformer – CO2 Flue Detector (Sidewall Venter) – Venter Control Board – Rewiring Oil Furnace – Venter Pressure Switch – Rewiring Sidewall Venter – Tiger Loop – Replacement of Premium UV Bulbs – Prog T-Stat Pro 6000 – Controls for Aux. Heaters

Heat Pump: Secondary Control Board – Air Handler Circuit Breakers – Outdoor Air Sensors – Standard Condensate Pumps – TXV Valve

Air Handlers: Multiple Speed Blower Motor – Humidifier Sol Valves – Power Humidifier Control Board



Price: $535 per item.


Gas Furnace: Gas Valves – Multi-Speed Blower – OEM Motor – Ind. Draft Motor – Primary Control Board – In Warranty Repairs To Indoor Coil *(Refrigerant Not Covered)* – Oil Pump – Burner Head – Burner Tube – Modulating Gas Furnace Control Board – Limit & Sensors

Oil Furnace: Pump Motor – Primary Control W/Trans (Low Voltage)

Air Conditioning: Fan Blades – Service Valves – Condenser Fan Motor

Heat Pump: Defrost Board/Sensor – Defrost Aux. Heaters – Sequences – High Limit Controls for Aux. Heaters – Secondary Control Board – Air Handler Circuit Breakers – Outdoor Air Sensors – Extensive Leak Search (If Leak Can Be Found) – Includes Replacing Refrigerant (Includes Filter Drier) – Touch Screen Prog T-Stat Pro 8000 WiFi




Price: $986 per item.


Gas Furnace: Variable Speed Blower Motor (In Warranty) – Modulating Gas Valve (In Warranty) – Variable Speed Motor Module – Heat Exchanger (In Warranty)

Heat Pump: Rev. Valve (In Warranty) – Compressor (In Warranty) – Condenser Coil (In Warranty) – Accumulator (In Warranty)

Oil Furnace: Heat Exchanger (In Warranty)