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First Response Home Services is owned by a Fire Chief and proud emergency
responder for over 20 years. Fire Prevention Month is near and dear to our hearts and
this new technology can make a significant impact on the safety of your home. Old fire
and CO2 alarms will start the alarm when it senses smoke or CO2 which is great if you
are home. This new technology allows you to have an alarm reach you wherever you
are (on your phone) to let you know that there is an issue at your home. The quicker
you can react, the more likely that you can save your house. First Response is thrilled
to share this technology with our customers and community. Our new service line,
Smart Home, allows us to install this state-of-the-art solution into your home today.
Smart Home services include:

  • Thermostats
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Lighting
  • Cameras & Security
  • Locks & Doorbells
  • Voice Devices & Speakers
  • Many more

Don’t piece-meal the process . . . First Response provides full integration with current
smart products that you already own. Click here to fill out the form and determine your
options to make your home a SMART HOME. First Response Home Services will come
out to provide a free information session and discuss options available for your home.
Call to schedule your free consultation today! 866-557-0089

smart home smoke alarm