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Join Our Ultimate Residential Membership Program

Free Diagnostic
Guaranteed Same Day Service
Discounted Parts & Labor
Two Tune-Up and Safety Checks Per Year
24/7 Response Time
Money Back Guarantee

Service Contracts

Join Our Ultimate Residential Membership Program!
  • 2 Safety Checks and Tune-Ups per year
  • Discounted Parts and Labor
  • FREE Diagnostic Testing

The best way to prevent a heating or cooling system emergency is regular maintenance. We provide a variety of membership levels in our Friends and Family service plans.

Membership includes two safety checks and tune-ups a year, priority service, discounted parts and FREE diagnostic testing during regular business hours.

A maintenance plan for your heating and cooling system is essential to preventing an emergency situation. Regular inspection and maintenance can help spot potential problems before they become huge issues.

As a Friends and Family member, you can get the benefits of priority service, repair and parts discounts, as well as earn discounts toward a new heating and cooling system.

Membership can be paid monthly and starts as low as $10 per month for coverage on a gas furnace or heat pump and a cooling system. You save on diagnostic fees, as well as parts. Call or contact us to learn more: 866-557-0089

* Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty:  You must be an Ultimate Member at the time of the service.  If you cancel your Ultimate Membership at any time, it voids this Warranty.  Excludes Heat Exchangers, Compressors, Coils and Filters.

Air Conditioner, Heat Pump & Gas Furnace $120/Year or $10/Month

Oil Furnace $276/Year or $23/Month

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What Is Included in My Maintenance Plan?

Preventative planning by scheduling yearly maintenance only helps you save on costs. Maintenance is more than just making sure your system works. Our professional technicians check for items such as:

  • Cleaning and replacing filters
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Cleaning coils and drain lines of debris
  • Checking humidity levels
  • Cleaning motors and fans from dust
  • Assuring correct temperatures in all rooms
  • Cleaning and assuring proper protection of your outdoor units
  • Checking connections of hoses
  • Electronics check
HVAC maintenance plans starting at $10/month.
Our maintenance plans can extend the life of your HVAC system while lowering your utility bills.
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Saving Money and Assuring Safety

By making sure your system is running optimally, you’re avoiding running your heating and air conditioning longer, resulting in less power and gas costs. You are also reducing the rate of needed emergency repairs, that can be as costly as they are inconvenient. Another reason to schedule regular maintenance on your system is safety. By having our experts check for clogs, wiring, and buildups, we can assure that your air conditioning and heating won’t cause any issues that can harm you or your home. Ensure your home’s safety today by scheduling your HVAC maintenance plan through First Response Heating & Cooling.

The Company with the Experience

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call and ask. Our helpful staff is happy to cover in detail our maintenance plans in and out. As Maryland’s temperatures tend to fluctuate drastically in each season, it’s a great idea to always know your systems will be up and running when you need them. Emergency repairs can be costly and possibly dangerous to you and your home. Schedule a yearly maintenance plan with First Response Heating & Cooling today and enjoy a stress-free home.

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